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Fleshlight STU for Only $69.95!

Everybody knows there is no magic pill or lotion to make a man last longer in bed, only real practice can provide the best experience in order to learn the skills of a great lover. The Stamina Training Unit is quite special Fleshlight masturbation sleeve designed specifically for this purpose. It was developed to enhance men’s prowess in bed. Basically, it helps to train the ability to control the speed of ejaculation, and that is excellently described by the very name of the product.

To put it in a nutshell, the Stamina Training Unit is an excellent choice for those seeking an effective way to smash own limits and be done with premature orgasms. It doesn’t only provide the opportunity to test stamina, but gives the advantage to increase it. Experiments with such strong stimulation will also be enjoyable for men whose penile sensitivity is lower.

Intense Sensations with Multiple Bumps

The STU may seem to have rather simple texture at first sight, but it takes only few seconds of stroking to realize how perfect it is in providing incredible pleasure to any man. It is relatively tight due to a canal diameter of 0.45 to 0.6 inches (12-15 mm) which additionally intensifies stimulation.

Fleshlight STU Ruler

There are lots of soft bumps on the inner surface and they’re large enough to create an effect of many little fingertips caressing your penis. Such an amazing feeling is also related to the high density of texture because bumps covering the whole area have too little space between one another. It really feels like you are pushing through them when masturbate.

You can see how the company is interested in satisfying all its’ customers by offering the device in two combinations: with the Pink Lady and Pure orifices. The first one looks like a vagina while the second is more neutral and is more suitable for someone who truly cares about keeping things private. Moreover, there is also an option to buy the Fleshjack made in the same way from the inside, but the orifice of the model itself (Endurance Jack Ass) looks like a butt.


You need to remember that you never should start with lubing up the STU. If it’s really important for you to get things done in a proper way, then soak your sleeve in warm water for some time. Surely you won’t regret this because a bit of heating improves the flesh-like feel of texture. Do not damage it by boiling though!

Open Back Side

When the first step is done, it’s time to put the sleeve into the case. It’ll take no effort to make sure it stays stable inside so you do not encounter any discomfort while using the Fleshlight.

Bearing in mind that orifices are made of Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel SuperSkin material which can be damaged by oil or silicone-based lube, use only a water-based lubricant – cover your penis and the internal canal of the STU with it. Be careful, too much lube may reduce your sensation.

How It Feels To Train Your Stamina

The comfortable construction of this model has no specific limits relating to the length of your penis, thus do not worry that you won’t be able to fit into. No matter what size you have, you will enjoy the same impeccable experience.

The bumps are all over the inner channel, it is easy to feel their pressure from the very first moment you slide in. Be ready for intense stimulation, because it will become a sweet torture while you’ll be trying to train your stamina.

The temptation to get quick and powerful orgasm is doubtlessly strong, and it's only getting stronger with every smooth stroke. Still, not only the peculiarities of the texture are worth mentioning. Tighten up the cap and treat yourself with stunning suction effect which deepens the impressions of tremendous stimulation. It actually feels like getting a blow job of your life, no wonder you'll think it's pointless to resist.

In fact, that’s the trickiest part about training. Delaying and extending the orgasm is not an easy task, but imagine the STU being your personal coach and teaching these valuable skills. Rest assured, the result won’t keep you waiting.

Just slow down a little or stop doing anything at all when your thrust becomes too enthusiastic and you’re reaching climax. At first, this certainly will present some challenges. However, the more you practice and learn the reactions of your body along with the ways to control them, the more effectively you increase your stamina in bed.

Techniques That May Help You

As you might already know, making love is a delicate art. The indescribable masterpiece is being created when you make love to your partner taking her or him to the unbelievable heights of pleasure. Even Pablo Picasso once said that making love and art are the same thing. However, while this statement remains true to some people, the physical aspect of coitus has a lot to do with sport. It requires much effort and energy, great dedication and enthusiasm – all that to break you own records related mostly to the skill of delaying the orgasm. With this Fleshlight product any problems with premature ejaculation will be gone for good, just follow some tips on proper training.

      Slow the pace. Hold tightly the STU and take a deep breath while slowing down. Once you make a few sluggish strokes, it won’t seem as hard as it sounds.
      Change the depth of penetration. Do not go all the way down to the base of the penis, merely massage the half of the shaft, for example.
      Do not move either your hand holding the toy or your hips. The idea is to stop completely your thrust as soon as you’re close to the edge.

The techniques are not extraordinary, but are proven to be flawless for training sessions. You should not be afraid to practice them or even come up with some of your own, because that's the only way to gain exclusive control over your excitement during actual coitus.

Cleaning the Stamina Training Unit

Whatever results you have after using the Fleshlight, the sleeve itself still needs to be prepared for the next session. Take it out of the case and be ready to spend time cleaning the whole inner channel under warm water. Make sure there are no lube or sperm residues left, especially on the bumps and the texture between them. Do not use any soap! Otherwise you damage the material.

Fleshlight in Water

Once this step is done, wait for the insert to dry (not under direct sunlight). It’s better to wipe it with towels first if you want to shorten the time of drying. Remember that it’ll take longer than average anyway, that is due to the texture.

Fleshlight Dry

In the end you carefully put the sleeve back inside. Its golden case will protect it from damaging and tampering. By the way, the case looks like real flashlight, so you'll be able to store the toy as discreetly as possible.

Fleshlight Sleeve

Experimenting with Additional Stuff

If you’d like to try something different with your STU Fleshlight, you might want to check out a few accessories or devices. The brand offers quite a range of nice things. One of them is Shower Mount. It allows you to stick your toy to a surface or a wall and keep your hand completely free.

Another awesome thing is Fleshlight Launch. It’s a robot, which serves to provide movement to your toy. This one looks really great and it can be synced with VR and special videos for adults. The world is making its best effort to help you find a new way of having fun.


It seems to me that many people have ever been interested in adult toys. This is a great variety of personal life and just give new sensations. In our world, such devices have long been common, but science and technology do not stand still, and every day there are more interesting and new opportunities.

For example, the best option for bachelors I think Fleshlight. This is a portable device that allows you to feel the feeling of real coitus, especially if the materials used in the manufacture were soft enough.